The 2020 Laramie Range Epic


The Laramie Range Enduro originated in 1998, starting in historic Downtown Laramie, WY. At that time, the race began with a police escort through town before climbing 1300 feet out of the Laramie valley and into the stunning landscape that graces our backyard to the east - the Pole Mountain Trail System. Twenty-one years later, this race has transformed to maintain a traditional approach to a cross country race, while adapting with the evolution of cross country culture. Our first change occurred when the title was changed to the Laramie Enduro. Former Laramie Enduro Board President, Rich Vincent took over the helm and the race became one of SE Wyoming’s premier cycling events. Eventually, the Laramie Enduro evolved again into the Laramie Enduro Epic. In that same evolutionary spirit and continuing commitment to a high quality, fun cross country mountain bike event, today we are proud to represent ourselves as the Laramie Range Epic. The 2019 race crew is excited to bring you the same excellence and professionalism you have come to expect when racing near Laradise, the home of the Laramie Range Epic.

2020 - If you rode in 2019, you know what to expect. If you haven’t ridden this course in the past, training starts today:

  • One and Done - A one lap, 31 mile loop (4,184 ft of climbing/descending all happening over 7500 ft in elevation) winding through the Pole Mountain trail system. Racers are supported by the famous Laramie Range Epic Volunteers and sponsors who have made this race as fun and approachable as it is challenging and competitive.

  • The Laramie Range Epic - The same course with a second lap. This is type two fun. It is going to hurt, but in a really good way. Same great support on both laps and the beer at the end of the race has been on ice longer.

  • Cut off Times:

    • Finish Line Cut off for starting the second lap is 1:pm

    • 1st Aide Station cut off is 2:45pm

    • 2nd Aide Station cut off is 4:45pm

The Terrain - Located in the hills just east of Laramie, Wyoming are the trails that make this area so special. Winding through the Happy Jack Recreation Area, Blair-Wallis and the Vedauwoo Recreation Areas - this course explores Pole Mountain’s fast forested single track trails and roads.

  • NO highway crossings or pavement - all dirt, all day!

  • Aid stations every 10 miles with fresh food, water, performance nutrients, cowbells and the Laramie Range Epic’s legendary volunteers!

  • The same fantastic base camp finish-line after-party with real food and real refreshments served by real people. Live music, awards ceremony, Epic prizes donated by amazing sponsors and more!

The Sponsors - Without our sponsors this would not be possible. Our first obligation is to the community that supports our adventures. We encourage racers and spectators to come to Laramie the Friday night before the race, sign in, and visit our sponsors so that we can count on their continued support. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the links to check out who supports us.

All photography courtesy of the Pedal House

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Don’t be late, sign up today. Registration starts soon - 2020

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Stay for the Party

This race would not be possible without our amazing volunteers. Join the team.